The Legare Corner Desk Home Office Desk Review

The office furniture is an integral part of your business launch. When you have good furniture, your workers and you will be comfortable and productive. The home office oak desks will also look presentable and very organized. Furniture consists of many items, including an office desk. If you are looking for one, the Legare corner desk could be your top pick. This is a completely affordable desk with 42 by 32 by 42 inches dimensions and ninety-six pounds weight. Going for $276.75 at Amazon, the Legare is a perfect corner desk, made of strong woods. Do you know why you need it? Read the following:

Product Features

• This 42 by 42 -inch corner desk has a lovelier, modern curvilinear style, which enhances small room spaces.

• The desk made from fifteen millimeters engineered strong wood and real wood veneers. The wood is endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council

• It incorporates four curved shelves with six position alternatives and hidden cable management

• It will take you three minutes to assemble and has a three-year warranty.

• It has an espresso ash frame and reversible espresso ash and natural oak top and shelves.


The product description

Some of the people who have bought the Legare corner desk feel that it could become normal furniture in the dining room or elsewhere. Simply, you do not have to use this piece of furniture as a working desk. The following are some of the major elements connected to this desk:

• The laminate finish

Most of us adore home office oak desks with a real wood veneer finish. The Legare corner desk has a laminate surface with a slight wood grain feel. Its more like Pergo laminate flooring. However, if you want to scribble a few words on paper, over the desk’s surface, this will not be a problem. You will also enjoy the perfectly rounded and polished edges of the panels.

• Office chair

The desk comes with a usual chair for the office with armrests; ample leg clearance and other good features to improve your posture.

• Legare features

This corner desks have no drawers, only open shelves on each side of its legs. They are about fourteen inches radius quarter circles. It would be difficult for you to introduce your CPU on those shelves. It will even look odd especially if you have kept this work desk somewhere in your living room. You should find another way of setting up your computer.

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