Home Remedies For Piles

Every time you go to the bathroom does it feel like you are passing a razor blade because the pain is so sharp? One sufferer of piles said the razor sharp pain she felt was practically unbearable!

Or do piles cause you to constantly have to endure a burning, itchy, stinging prickly heat?

There are home remedies for piles, or hemorrhoids, that are strictly 100% organic and have healed thousands of people who have suffered with them.

Piles (also commonly referred to as hemorrhoids) are enlarged veins in the anus and lower rectum. Half of the adults in the United States age 50 and above have experienced piles during their lifetime, so the condition is by no means rare..

How are piles caused? Well, piles are familiar to pregnant women and people who are constipated. The veins in the rectum are pressured when you strain hard during a piles treatment singapore bowel movement. If the straining continues, the veins continue to grow and will soon become irritated due to their size.

One of the symptoms of piles is bleeding during a bowel movement. If you develop piles you will also feel pain or soreness while going to the bathroom due to the sensitive tissue that has become irritated.

If the condition is left unchecked, the discomfort will grow. Severe cases of piles result in constant stinging and itching that will interfere with daily living.

Here are a few natural home remedies for piles that have proven successful::

Eliminate Foods High in Refined Sugar, Flour, Fat & Grease

Fast food, packaged food and processed food will greatly increase your battle with piles. Refined sugar and white flour are not only unhealthy, they will decrease your regularity and cause digestive problems including constipation. Unhealthy fatty foods will clog veins.

Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventative measures are among the best home remedies for piles.

Regularly clean and dry the swollen area

Daily bathing with warm water will keep the infected area clean and cut down on bacteria. It is also important to keep moisture to a minimum and using a hair dryer at low heat will insure the anus area stays dry.

Ceanothus Leaves

This is a green leafy plant that Native American tribes used as a medicine for treating cysts and tumors. Clinical studies have found the alkaloid compounds in Ceanothus to be effective in treating high blood pressure and lymphatic blockages

Make a tea by boiling one or two teaspoons of Ceanothus leaves in a cup of warm water. Strain and drink as a warm beverage several times a week.

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